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by Bebet Bancod on June 28, 2009

PRIDE Fitness is more than a gym, more than a personal training, more than fitness vacations. PRIDE Fitness is a total-body approach to fitness and health designed to give you the lean, strong body you’re looking for. Along the way, you’ll reduce stress and develop the positive attitude that comes from knowing you’re doing something that is good for you.

Studio Overview

Our studio was designed to make you, the client, feel as comfortable as possible. With your needs first in mind, we have cultivated an environment that will allow you to experience the benefits of exercise while keeping you motivated and positive. We understand that it is a big step deciding to get started, so with that in mind, we created PRIDE FITNESS, a small caring neighborhood studio. From the many cardiovascular options to a weight loss and well-being nutritional program, we will supply the platform for your success.
We can work together to improve your level of health, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, balance, and energy. Combine a personal training program with PILATES on the REFORMER machine, massages —you’ll be on your way to a better health.

Pride Fitness… founded on solid principles of health and well-being


Founded in 2006, Pride Fitness’ goal is to bring an integrated plan for total health and fitness – mind and body – to its clients.


  • Personal training services, one-on-one or buddy training, designed to provide clients with the ultimate in inspiration and motivation.
  • Massage of all types.

A FREE introductory personal training session acquaints the client with the Pride Fitness approach and trainer.


Showers, toiletries and hair dryers available for clients that need to get to work directly from the gym.

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